Ghost of Something New (Deluxe Version) out March 27! 

Ghost of Something New is a collection of songs I recorded with the Sons of Sweden and other long-time collaborators in Seattle, Brooklyn, and Nashville.  Blake Wescott (Pedro the Lion, Damien Jurado) and Steven Aguilar (Head and the Heart) share production credits. Guest appearances include Michael Shepard of Lovedrug and Johanna Cranitch of Johanna and the Dusty Floor

The Ghost of Something New deluxe version features three bonus tracks including the original version of the song, “New Orleans, from White Horses. I will be performing some full band shows across the US to celebrate its release, with special performances in my ‘hometowns’ of Akron, Ohio and Seattle, Washington.  I hope to see you soon! 

March 30 - Seattle, WA Columbia City Theater with Jim White and Kris Orlowski

April 6 - Akron, OH Musica with Lovedrug and The Big Sweet

April 23 - Nashville, TN The Basement with Mark Watrous

The good folks over at ABC Family are streaming Pretty Little Liars, Season 2 episode 15 with my song Where Are You (I Am Already Gone).  I haven’t yet seen it, but hopefully you enjoy it!

My sixth collaboration with Miriam BennettBullet Train was filmed in Akron, Ohio over the course of one year.  It features Cleveland actor Darryl Dickenson alongwith my brother, Luke Tucker, and Akron piano pop project Dolson.  Bullet Train is the second song on the White Horses album.  

A Week in the City: CMJ 2010

Here we are on the eve of CMJ 2010 and I’m super excited! It feels good to be back in NYC for the third October in a row.  Looking back it’s been a great few years of writing, recording and performing with some amazing folks I’ve grown to love dearly. 

This year is a contemplative one for me.  Having just released my first solo album, I’m facing a solo showcase that will be quieter than usual for me perhaps, as I’ll be without my usual lineup.  But I’m looking forward to playing some brand new songs that are still in progress and experimenting a bit with what I’m doing from a songwriting standpoint. 

The past year has been so full of activity: putting together a new band in Seattle, recording White Horses, putting together a new band in Ohio, touring the east coast, scoring and acting in my first film and splitting time between my three loves, Seattle, Akron OH, and New York New York.  There is much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to.

I hope to see you this Friday at the Alphabet Lounge at 7pm.  And if you aren’t near enough to stop by, I’ll be blogging throughout the week as I discover other amazing artists and friends.  Stay close on facebook at



Tour Diary Day 8


Holy Moses. We LOVE Annapolis.  Last night was amazing.  I don’t know where to begin.  We rolled into town and found our hotel pleasantly located on Jenny Lane.  The venue was in the heart of old Annapolis.  East coast port towns always do it for me, but this one has extra special charm as it is the home of the US Naval Academy.  And that means— sailors.  Sailors are so cool.  They spend most of their lives away from shore, so when they come home, it’s extra specially awesome.  I briefly contemplated changing my occupation to sailor’s wife.  We walked around, a couple of the guys slipped into a waterfront bar while I tried on yet another pair of boots that I resisted buying.  These boots had horses on them, so it was a difficult decision.  Got to save cash for getting home someday. 

The show was one of the best on the tour.  The stage was the tiniest, the room the smallest yet, but everyone pulled together and played beautifully.  I love this band.  They are always coming through in a big way and having a good time at it.  There were familiar faces, Patrick’s parents, Joe Knaggs and Peter Wolf of Knaggs Guitars and bartender Troy.  I don’t like to eat before performing which is why I subsist almost entirely on salty snacks and orange juice.  By the time we’re done playing usually the kitchen is closed.  But last night at 11:30, Stan and Joe’s kitchen was still turning out fabulous fare.  I ate my first Maryland crab sandwich and it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had EVER.  Bar food takes on an entirely new meaning in Annapolis.  I woke this morning devising a plan to send the boys on to Columbus to play the show without me.  More time for oysters.

We ate lunch at Chick and Ruths Delly.  Yes, that’s spelled “delly.”  I wanted to order the world’s largest milkshake, but I was afraid of the six hour van ride ahead.  Oh to be a kid again.

I finally gave up on finding a sailor and we hit the road.  We’re now westward bound,  Eric and Andrew in the cockpit, Patrick and Andy snuggling under Von Burgundy and me in the back, trying to memorize lines for the movie I’m starting in two weeks.  It’s hard to memorize lines without saying them out loud, but the boys are listening to This American Life so I won’t disturb them.

Gonna listen to some Beach House and peace out.

Till next time…


Tour Diary Day 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Rochester, Cambridge, Boston, Worcester, Brooklyn, NYC, Philadelphia

Wow, I’m a week behind already.  Where did the time go? Out the window of a 15 passenger van apparently.  We’ve been driving Big Green (as we like to call him) all over the east coast for the past week, playing shows, meeting bros, banging hoes.  Just kidding bout the last part.  We’re on our way to Annapolis now where Patrick’s parents live, so we’re especially excited to play this city.

We spent a lot of time yesterday hanging round the Philly airport, thanks to Priceline, but we can’t complain. It has cold AC and a very cheap Marriott, as well as the Economy Parking lot which PJ and I got to know well when Big Green decided not to start this morning.  Hot sun, no breakfast, no bathrooms, just rows and rows of automobiles.  An American dream. 

Big Green must be missing home.  Where is home for Big Green you might ask?  Big Green belongs to our favorite Ohio band, Lovedrug. They are very generously lending their wheels to us for this tour and we love love love them for it. Their music is not so bad either. You should buy it, own it, and live it at

NYC was a good time.  The fabulous Eric Feigenbaum of Ego Puppets greeted us in Williamsburg on a sunny Friday afternoon and let us use his studio for a quick rehearsal.  You can hear his music at He’s the bomb.

The lovely Johanna Cranitch let us crash at her place, fed us, and hustled merch for us in Brooklyn and NYC.  I can’t wait to have her back in the band.  She’ll be joining us on vocals and keys for some Seattle shows in August.  Find Johanna’s music at

Spike HIll was fun, Rockwood was charming, all the crowds have been amazingly sweet and loving.  We are so lucky to be able to play these shows at all, to work out these new songs, and to meet new friends  Our red notebook has provided to be a great van read.  If you haven’t written in our red notebook, you need to come to a show as soon as possible and inscribe your name among the greats.  There are love letters, death bed confessions, awkward solicitations, questionable drawings, they’re all there.  I love our red notebook.

We’ve had some good parking karma (except when I lost that ticket and had to pay $75 to the city of Boston, or some very rich man, I’m not sure which), and Big Green has done all right, minus the aforementioned upset.  Oh, and that time in New Haven when we had to call a locksmith to remove the club.  It was worth it just to meet the locksmith.  He plays drums in 3 Speed Overdrive and drives a forest green Ford Aerostar.

Today is hazy gray in a hazy gray east coast sort of way.  I like it.  It was sunny in Philadelphia of course, but we’re in some other state now, I’m not sure where, but I kind of like the feeling of not knowing what state I’m in.  I’m in the state of Kate.

We just got ‘breakfast’ at a truck stop, but we don’t have time to sit and eat, so our breakfast consists of different variations of Planters nuts, orange juice, pretzels, trail mix, and one giant dill pickle.  Life on the road… I resisted buying a cherry pie and some sweet cowboy boots, though I managed to strike up a convo with a trucker about the weekly movie selection in the TV Room.  He said they haven’t changed it for two weeks.  This seemed to trouble him. 

The boys are in the front listening to Jim Gaffigan.  They like podcasts a lot, especially Andy.  He keeps us entertained with Stuff You Should Know and This American Life. Yesterday on the way out of NYC, we listened to the Stuff You Should Know on Hangovers. Everyone was wearing sunglasses.

It was Andy’s birthday on Thursday.  We played at the Lucky Dog in Worcester that night.  It was an interesting show.  I felt like I was in Twin Peaks.  The stage had the requisite red velvet curtains and a back door flung open to reveal a courtyard with tall fir trees.  Andrew was positioned directly in front of the door the entire show and I kept thinking he was going to be sucked out into the courtyard forest, never to be seen again.

Well, that’s it for now.  We’ve got a day off tomorrow, making our way back to Ohio for some shows later this week.  Playing Columbus on Wednesday.  Can’t wait to see some familiar faces, including Calvin and Shane!

And Friday is the Barking Spider in Cleveland.  Last time I played there I was just getting started and I remember Hillbilly Idol was playing after me.  Best band name ever. Great group of players too.  They asked me to join them on Wild Horses.  I hope that happens again sometime.

Well, until next time, which will hopefully be tomorrow…

All my love,