Grammy Redux

Watching this year’s Grammy Awards, I wish I could say I was surprised at the letdown. But alas, we’ve all been watching the disintegration of art and music at the hand of commerce for some time now.  The good news is there is still plenty of AMAZING music being made by AMAZING artists and entertainers you won’t find on the Grammys this year.

In fact, I’ve got to look no further than my own community of friends in NYC, Seattle and the great Midwest. I thought I’d mention a few of them here in case you too are looking for something new and real and full of life.

Freddie Stevenson

Johanna and the Dusty Floor

Senors of Marseilles

The Last Royals

Ari Hest

Kaiser Cartel


Dewi Sant


Eighteen Individual Eyes

Gabriel Mintz

Blake Wescott

Shelby Earl


Denison Witmer

Damien Jurado

Robert Deeble

Hey Marseilles

P.S. The Avett Brothers, Bob Dylan, Lady Antebellum and Mick Jagger may have redeemed the television experience for me.  Sklylar Gray was pretty rad.  And I wait with anticipation for the Arcade Fire debut.  “The future of music is in great hands” according to the president of the Grammys.  Here’s hoping! 



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